Who We Are

PURPOSE AND MISSION, Chesterbrook Civic Association (CCA) is a nonprofit Pennsylvania Corporation established to:

Preserve and enhance the welfare and safety of all Members of the community at large and people who live and/or work within the confines of the Chesterbrook Community;
To protect the interests of all Chesterbrook residents, on subjects including,  but not limited to, traffic control and preservation of the beauty of the open areas controlled under separate Trusts nos. 1 and 19; 

To work within the community with both the Chesterbrook Center and the industrial Center to preserve the areas at large and to insure open lines of communication. 

To educate to the Chesterbrook community on social, government, property affecting the community at large.

CCA will serve as a research center for members’ issues.

CCA will assist its menders in establishing and operating successful         

CA will assist its menders in establishing and operating successful  association communities through publications and assistance.